Madi Mirror Timeline

This is the Madi Mirror Timeline so far.

Good Make Up Day and the Madi Mirror are the end product of a search for a hollywood style bedroom mirror.

We were looking for a contemporary, stylish, minimalistic makeup mirror for my daughters bedroom. We shopped at the local swedish furniture superstore and bought white minimalist furniture. With this style in mind we started looking for a frameless hollywood style makeup mirror.

The majority of products we looked at were basically industrial looking hollywood mirrors. These were designed primarily for use in the bathroom with no real aesthetic appeal for a girls bedroom.

We were looking for something that would compliment the feel of the room and also add to the enjoyment of getting ready to go out.

Searching on the internet we found  nothing suitable. Thats when I decided to make one myself. 

When the mirror was finally finished several of my daughters friends wanted one. I started making them and with countless prototypes, design changes, we are now in production

For true colour reflection we use high quality mirror glass. The metal components are stainless steel, used for non-tarnish and aesthetic reasons. At present we have the mirror available in two sizes. The Madi Mirror is 800mm x 600mm and the Madi Mirror Mini is 520mm x 600mm. We hope you enjoy your purchase and welcome your feedback.











Bought this for my wife (pictured) and have to say it was easy to fit. Fixings were provided, measured 550mm hole spacing , inserted the plugs and screws, fitted the mirror, simple. Top quality!