Introducing the Madi Mirror

The madimirror hollywood style makeup and beauty mirror will transform any beauty salon or bedroom

Introducing the Madi Mirror

The madimirror has modern slimline aesthetics with minimalist appeal unlike other hollywood mirrors

Made in the UK

Madi Mirrors are hand-built here in the UK

ECO Friendly

Madimirror has 3.5W LED 2800K Lamps giving salon quality light while keeping electricity bills down

Acrylic Glass

Madimirror Utilises Bedroom Friendly Acrylic Safety Glass, Stronger, Lighter and Shatterproof.

Beautifully thin

Madimirror Is Unlike other Hollywood Mirrors, Madi Mirrors are designed to be beautifully thin.

Madimirror Hollywood Mirror – fab quality, looks awesome with my dressing table – my friends all want one 🙂


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